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What's the project's objective?

Register 1000 Bahamian Businesses in the US by the end of 2024 to access:

Global E-Commerce Solutions

Accessing e-commerce solutions as a Bahamian trying to do business online can be tedious. Unfortunately, many existing platforms like Sun Cash, Sand Dollar, and Kanoo are incompatible with popular platforms such as Shopify and other well-known booking systems. This issue results in higher expenses and can make conducting business online more difficult.  Our solution helps you not only access Stripe Payment, but positions your business to be able to sell on Amazon, Etsy, and MORE! 

Global Market Expansion

The online space offers a vast market of consumers who are looking for digital products,  online services, and retail products. Getting your US LLC also allows you to open up your business to the US Market and Global expansion opportunities. 

Global Funding 


Still racing to secure the limited grant opportunities available in the Bahamas? With a US LLC your options for grant funding opportunities can be expanded. Whether you need to fund your non-profit or gain startup capital for your business, and LLC opens the doors to grreater possibilities.


Here's what you get when you GO GLOBAL WITH PPC!